When most people think about Limousines, they are reminded of weddings or prom season. This is unfortunate because local limo companies can provide many other services that can be beneficial to all different groups of people. Below is just a sampling of limo worthy events for which it may be a better idea to rent a limousine versus driving yourself.  Remember, especially when cruising through the Big Easy, limos don’t just have to be for special occasions!

  • Sporting events – Whether you enjoy attending college football games like LSU, NFL games such as the New Orleans Saints, or even UFC fights, renting a limo to take you there and back can greatly increase your safety and your level of enjoyment. Having a New Orleans limo service drop you off and pick you up saves you the hassle of trying to find or paying for parking. For some people, this makes it worth the price right there. Plus, if you have a large group of people attending a sporting event like maybe the Sugar Bowl or heading to tailgate in Tiger Stadium, a limo is a fuel efficient, hassle free choice. For how much it costs to rent a limousine for an event like this will often work out cheaper than everyone driving including the price of fuel, parking, and for some of us, the cost of a ticket on the ride home. Highway safety is a number one in many people’s books, and if you even there’s even a chance you will be drinking or consuming any alcoholic beverages, then what better option than having your very own limo so as to not worry about the driving? Arrive in style and ride in comfort by renting a limo the next time you and a group of friends attend any local events like football games, fights, or concerts.
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  • Airport Shuttle – Many people think hiring a taxi from the New Orleans airport (MSY) to the hotel is the route to go when visiting a our wonderful city for business or pleasure; however, you may be missing an excellent opportunity by not inquiring into renting a limo for the ride. Sometimes renting a limo, New Orleans airport shuttle, or even an executive sedan from the Lakefront Regional or MSY to your hotel or a limo from the airport to, let’s say a cruise ship terminal, works out to be not only equal in pricing, but much more comfortable and logistically sensible. Everyone turns their heads when they see a limousine dropping off passengers. So why not join the elite, without the elite price that everyone associates with limos. Don’t let them know your secret and ride in style the next time you have to take a flight out of New Orleans. Surprising your significant other with a private shuttle, limo or sedan ride from the airport has been a great token of appreciation and show of love for many of my friends. When your spouse sees a limo waiting with a bottle of champagne or their favorite drinks on ice, you will instantly feel like a millionaire. 
  • Night out on the town – The next time you plan a night out on the town in the French Quarter or anywhere else, you should definitely look into planning to have a private driver take you around to different locations. Around New Orleans, for instance, parking is limited in the downtown area and no one really likes leaving their cars eight blocks away from where they want to visit. After a trip down Bourbon Street or to the Quarter, there is no better feeling than telling the chauffer you are ready to go home, having them meet you where you are, and taking a nap on your ride home. Not having to walk block after block, worrying whether you really parked down this street or if it is safe to go down that alley, can be worth its weight in gold many nights. When the wives all go out on their girls night out, I know the husbands feel better knowing that they are not all walking around finding their cars late at night or even having to drive themselves home.

As you can see these are just a few ways to enjoy the comforts of a private limousine, party bus, or luxury sedan in New Orleans for other than just on days like weddings or on prom nights, which seem to be the most typical bookings made. If you can think of it, we can probably do it. In fact, at Allure Transportation, Shuttle & Limo Services, we now have a state of art shuttles or party buses for large parties and other vehicles such as our Cadillac Sedans to set aside for non-wedding events that customers can request. If you have an idea that it might be fun to rent a limo for any event, do yourself a favor and at least call to get the best limo price in New Orleans.