On the biggest day of your life, the one thing you want to avoid is climbing into your limo with your dearly beloved, only to discover that you can’t stand riding inside of it. While you already have a million things to take care of before your big new orleans wedding limowedding day, choosing the right limo for your New Orleans wedding shouldn’t be ignored. And, if you need additional useful tips for picking the perfect limo, Allure Transportation, Shuttle & Limousine Services is here to assist you.

  1. Make Sure the Limo Drivers Have GPSWhile this may not be an issue most of the time, nothing is more frustrating than having your limo show up late to the wedding or reception. Most drivers in this day and age should have a dedicated GPS system for their drivers; however, you never want to assume that this is the case. If an unexpected road closure or traffic jam happens, you need to know that your driver will be familiar with alternate routes to get you to the wedding on time.
  2. Don’t Forget StyleHaving the wrong style of limo show up to your wedding can be embarrassing. A hummer limousine may be more fitting for a high school prom than a traditional New Orleans wedding. Similarly, arriving in a 1990s box style limousine to an modern 2017 wedding event probably won’t add that classy New Orleans touch either.  Needless to say, the wrong limo can leave a lot to be desired by both the guests and the couple. Many companies will insist on you taking a white stretch limo; while this is traditional, make sure the wedding limo or shuttle you choose aligns with your style.
  3. Book Your Limo EarlyWhile a limo can get lost in the flurry of other wedding reservations and tasks, at a minimum you should book your wedding getaway vehicle at least six months in advance. If you plan on getting married during the spring wedding season (April, May, or June), you’ll probably want to double that time frame just to be entirely sure. For specialty vehicles, like vintage limousines or a Rolls Royce, plan for at least a year before the wedding date.
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  4. Get a Head Count Before BookingIn the movies, it’s usually only the bride and groom giggling in the backseat when the wedding ceremony ends. However, it’s often convenient for others to accompany the couple as well, especially if the wedding shuttle or limo is driving directly to the reception from the ceremony. If you know that friends or family members will need a ride with you, make sure they’ve been taken into account before booking your car.You can always book one car to take the bride to the wedding and a separate one for wedding reception transportation; however, it would be more cost effective to get a stretch limousine or limo bus for the day to accomodate multiple passengers.
  5. Consider Size for Easy AccessWhile the bride may want to book the absolute biggest-sized vehicle in stock to show off, chances are on the day of the wedding, it may be a challenge to enter or exit the car easily. Make your life easy and be sure she’s not going to have an embarrassing fall in or out of the limo.
  6. Get What You Pay ForIt’s a dirty industry secret, but many limo services have pictures or even cars on display that they don’t actually own. One thing you can do is ask to see the vehicles that the company does own and use. The last thing you need is to rent one car, only to have them show up with a different yet similar limo model.

As you plan your New Orleans wedding for 2017, keep these tips handy. Be sure to contact us with any questions you have or to check available dates early!