One of the many, many reasons to love the fall season? Football! While house parties for football games are fun, nothing beats seeing the action live and in person. When attending a home game, either for the Saints or the LSU Tigers, here are some things you can look forward to:


Tailgating: A time-honored ballgame tradition, tailgating is just another term for “party in the parking lot!” Bring a mini Weber grill, some burgers and hotdogs with all the fixings, and you’ve got yourself a tailgating party. Just don’t forget the drinks!


Team Spirit: Are you your team’s #1 fan? Do you wear your Saints jersey all year round? Display LSU pennants in your home? There’s no better way to prove your team has your undying support than by attending one (or all) of their home games! So put on your team attire, paint your face in team colors, and make a sign with hopes of getting featured on the Jumbotron or even broadcast television!


Bragging Rights: What if the game you attend is THE game of the season? What if it’s the game that everyone talks about for the rest of the year, or even years? You never know. Maybe one day you’ll even get to tell your grandchildren or great-grandchildren about how you were there in person for that iconic game. It could happen!


Making Memories: Even if the game isn’t the biggest stunner of the season, attending a home game of your favorite football team can make for some amazing memories. Whether you go with friends or your family, experiencing a football game in person will create memories that last a lifetime.


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